Three Blind Mice

Hockeyhockeyhockey.se bad Trevor Bremner att avlägga lite rapporter för hur läget i Division 2 är. Det visade sig att mycket kom att handla om domarna. Hur som helst, Vi kör helt enkelt en Q and A med honom här på bloggen.

How do you like it so far in Sweden?
– I must say that the land and people of Sweden are truly wonderful people. Very kind and very open. The food and culture is so much like Canada. I love it here really!

Säffle HC is off to a hard start this season. Why?
– We won a few but not many. I would say a lot of our games have been in the penalty box. Our first two games with Mikael Eriksson as referee. He gave Säffle close to 50 mins in the box. In two minutes penalties.

Why would he call so many on your club?
– I do not know why but you can ask my coach. Referee Mikael Eriksson gave Säffle two power play's and Arvika 14. That's 1/2 the game in the box.
– Mikael Eriksson the "next day" called my coach on his handy in Säffle. He said "He feel's bad about the game". And he is sorry about the match. It's too late for that!! During the game he was chatting with Arvika's coach on there bench joking with the players. I thought Arvika team paid him off with money because the game was so crazy. I have seen it before. Just not at all professional!

– He also talked to my GM. Told him after the game he hate's me. I have no idea what i did to make him hate me? I never in my life see this kind of actions on and off the ice from a referee.

Have you taken a lot of penalties?
– Not much untill i have met the referee Stefan Hagström. Last two games kicked me out and in the second game match. The 10 min's was because i told him he should give the other team another power play. I did not say anything rude or bad word's to him.

– Then last match vs Fagersta AIK one of our players was hit from behind very very bad. Sent to the hospital. I went after the player that hit him. But, the lines man held me back. I told the player he was a F%#K something. And this is not hockey!

– The Fagersta AIK player that sent my player to the hospital, he got 10 mins.

– Stefan Hagström gave me a match penalty. For saying a few bad words. But, in Stefan Hagström eye's i truly must have made Fagersta AIK player cry. Maybe when Stefan Hagström see's a player like I have seen. Get hit from behind. Broken neck, in a wheelchair for the rest of that players life. Maybe then Stefan Hagström will make the right call! Till then we are out 2 players for next game. And Fagersta AIK player play's next game.

So your not happy with the Sweden Referees?
– Some I really like and made good friends with but most of the time. We have had the same referee's this season. I do not say much to them. I know they do not like me. It was the first time in my life a get a Match for sticking up for my player and not fighting.

* Mikael Eriksson,
* Stefan Hagström,
* Ulf Gustavsson.

– We say in Canada 3 Blind Mice. But what I say does not matter.

So your out for how many games?
– One game i think. It's a joke for saying a few bad words. All the levels i have played never in my life got a penalty for this. I could see if i told the referee bad words but it was at the player.

How do you like your team?
– There are really good kids. Work hard on and off ice. We have good staff and trainers. I feel like i am welcome. Just have to work on a few area's but it's coming.

Do you yourself like to go up a league or stay in Div 2.
– All players I think in every team like to go up a level. I like to help Säffle stay in the league.
That's my first demands. Who know's what the future brings.

Av: Jacob

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  1. Trevor Bremner: One day U´ll laern about sticking up 4 your brother. I´ll meet you center ice any day!

  2. skönt att bli omnämd i bloggen undrar om det är en prioriterad lista dvs ordningsföljden

  3. Ulf: Jag tror att det är bra med en tredjeplats... Kan du inte komma till Närke och döma nån match?